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Weaving up data narratives.

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Text Message Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing relationship qualities through short message service breakdowns and sentiment analysis.

Job Values In Britain

A short post looking at career importance in Britain using data from the European values survey database.

Make a Decision!

If you’ve gotten any type of training in basic probability, you’ll know how simple decision trees work.

Bboying Injuries

The data used in the narrative below was obtained from the American Journal of Sports Medicine article, “Breakdance Injuries and Overuse Syndromes in Amateurs and Professionals,” by Max Kauther.

Stacking in d3

Let’s say…we want a stacked bar chart of 4 bars, with each bar consisting of three colors stacked on top of another.

Javascript Callback Functions

What’s a callback function?

Using lapply as a for loop

I’ve vowed to never make extremely nested for loops or excessively complicated functions when writing statistical code in R.